Down Home Confections

  Custom Cakes and Other Southern Treats     

Our custom cakes start at $2.75 a serving for Buttercream cakes and $3.50 for Fondant cakes.  Additional cost for sugar work (sugar flowers, modeled figures, lace work).  There is a $.10 per serving additional charge for Premium Flavors and Fillings

Cake Flavors

Classic Cake Flavors:

   French Vanilla         Chocolate Fudge         Strawberry          Lemon                    Marble    Spice Cake     Traditional Yellow         Carrot Cake

Premium Flavors:

                  Red Velvet       Italian Cream       German Chocolate      

Filling Flavors

Classic Fillings:

          Vanilla Buttercream     Chocolate Buttercream     Espresso Buttercream                    Strawberry       Lemon Curd   Raspberry     Cream Cheese

Premium Fillings:

                            German Chocolate       Bourbon Pecan      

**Custom cake and filling flavors are available upon request**